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Our Reason to Celebrate

LUKE 2:10

And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.  For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

Envision the scene. A quiet, star-lit night on a hillside. Only night sounds - the hoot of an owl; the crackle of the camp fire; the song of the crickets. Each night the shepherds had to prepare for the worst - wild beasts seeking to kill the sheep, thieves trying to steal the sheep, wandering sheep getting lost. They stayed in a perpetual state of readiness. 

But this night…this night was different. In the stillness, the brilliance of God’s divine messengers split the night’s darkness with a light so bright, so shocking, so glorious that the shepherds were paralyzed by fear. Never before had they seen anything like this. 

But it was not just what they saw that caused great rejoicing. It was what they heard! First the glorious light and then the heavenly voices began to speak. Perhaps they didn’t catch every word. But they heard, “TODAY…A SAVIOR!” 

“A Savior?” How that word must have hung in the air. Imagine what these poor shepherds thought. They went from tested protectors to testifiers. “We’ve heard a Savior was coming. We had kind of lost hope of that ever happening. But, TODAY… A SAVIOR!”

I imagine that the rest of the night was a blur. They had been entrusted with the greatest news any generation had ever heard.

What do we do? We have to go see this SAVIOR. 

But who will watch the sheep? We have to go see the SAVIOR. 

What about our other chores? We have to go see the SAVIOR.

And so they went. And the newest chapter to history His-story, began. 

What about us, today? Do we hear the voice of God’s messengers heralding, “A Savior is born?” Do we join is as testifiers? Do we rejoice? 

Today. A SAVIOR! 

Rejoice before opening the presents. Rejoice before the meal. Rejoice as the day winds to an end and all the festivities stop. Take a quiet moment and reflect.



Heavenly Father, Thank You for sending Your Son to earth as Savior. As the shepherds did on that hillside, we receive this news with joy-filled hearts, not fearing but rejoicing that You have made a way for us to be reconciled with You. Jesus, thank You for laying aside Your heavenly privilege and dwelling with us that we might have a Savior. We welcome You again today. 

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