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We believe that giving is an opportunity from the Lord. Everything that we have in life has been given from His hand. When you give financially to Highland Baptist Church, you are giving to support local and foreign missions, church ministries, missionaries around the world, and much more. When we give freely, we are able to be a part of God’s greater work in Waco and around the world and are able to bless the coming generations just as we have been blessed.

1. Online *(recurring giving through ShelbyNext Giving)

Online giving allows you to prayerfully choose an amount and frequency of your giving, and then it is set, preventing forgetfulness or unforeseen events from hindering your giving. Sign up today for recurring giving by clicking on the link below.




Give from any text enabled device, anytime and anywhere simply by sending a text message.

1. Enter a whole dollar amount (10=$10.00,  500=$500.00) into the message box.

2.To give directly to Missions, text the word “missions” with your amount.

3. Send the text to (254) 220-4845. 

4. (You’ll only register your information the first time you give).

5. From then on, text any amount to the above number and give!   

NOTE: To update your account, text “edit.”

To stop a payment, you can do so by texting “refund” within 15 minutes of giving.

Text Giving How To from Highland Baptist on Vimeo.



Give to the Lord via our 6 giving kiosks (iPads) located in the Lobby of Highland's Life Center.

1. Simply choose to give to the General Budget, Missions, or Wellness Center..

2.  Easy instructions are provided at each Kiosk.



After each Sunday Gathering place your check or cash into one of our dropboxes located at each door, or simply drop it in a basket held by one of our volunteers on your way out.



*NOTE: Normally gifts are not refundable.  Requests for refunds will be handled on a case by case basis.