Adult Bible Fellowship


Our Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) encourage growth in the knowledge and understanding of God's word together. These groups meet on Highland's campus during the three Gathering times for an in-depth study of Scripture. 

You can find a list of ABFs and contact a leader directly here

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Time & Location | 8:40am | Chapel, C-1
 Teacher | J.T. & Noelle Carpenter, Stanton & Paige Corley

Acts uses the Greek word koinonia (coin-o-neeya) to describe the strong fellowship of the early church. We focus on that Biblical community and fellowship, and seek to be a place where we Gather, Grow, and Go together. Koinonia is rooted in the study of God’s Word, but will also seek to Grow through the sharing of our testimonies, mentorship, and accountability, with a view to applying the Gospel in our daily lives. Koinonia is for parents of young children, whether single or married.

Bilingual Fellowship

Time & Location | 8:40am | Education Building: Room 116
 Teacher | Arnold Reyes

Bilingual Fellowship is a cross cultural class that seeks to connect English and Spanish speaking believers through the study and discussion of God's word.

Empty Nest

Time & Location | 8:40am | Education Building: Room 313
 Teacher | Kyle & Jana Cox, Norris & Denitia Blount

Empty Nest invites couples and singles whose children have left the nest, to study God's word and find fellowship with other believers. They are currently studying the book of Romans.

Prime Time

Time & Location | 8:40am | Fellowship Hall
 Teachers | Bill & Mary Ann Thomas, Reuven & Janet Ross

For singles and couples ages 50+. Pathfinders is a class that loves to study Scripture, sing, and pray together. We typically open with a song and prayer for one another. Then, we begin learning from and discussing God’s Word.

Precept 1

Time & Location | 8:40am | Education Building: Room 314
 Teacher | Joy Endsley

Precept 1 invites men and women of all ages, married or single, new or mature to be like Ezra and “set our hearts” to study God’s word.  We study line upon line together through one book at a time using a Precept workbook and inductive method in the class. Our goal is to be in God’s Word so that His Word is in us building our confidence to say “thus says the Lord” and have transformed lives pleasing to Him.

Interested in joining an ABF at 10? Find a list of classes with a description below.

Common Ground

Time and Location | 10:00am Education Building: Room 316
Teachers | Kit & Sarah Riehl, Chris & Kari Allman
Common Ground is a class for nearly/newlyweds from 0-5 years married. Common Ground seeks to build up young couples through prayer, fellowship, and the study of Scripture together.

Faith Builders

Time and Location | 10:00am Education Building:  Room 310
Teacher | Randall Jean
Faith Builders is made up of couples and singles in their 50’s and above. This ABF desires to study and discuss God’s Word so that we might grow toward and maintain an unshakeable faith in Jesus.

The Harbor

Time and Location | 10:00am Education Building: Room 313
Teachers | Tommy & Ruby Kidd
This class helps to equip and encourage parents of teenagers through Bible Teaching, resources, and prayer. The student ministry staff also makes occasional appearances to share about events in the student ministry at Highland.

Generations Women

Time and Location | 10:00am Chapel: C-1
Teachers | Jennifer Durham, Lou Ann Olson, Emily Kelly
Generations is open to Women of all ages of life. The women of Generations are active in many areas of ministry at Highland and enjoy being with other women across generational lines, praying for one another, supporting one another, and fellowshipping together. They desire to serve the church, each other, and other women in our city and around the world.

Precepts 2

Time and Location | 10:00am Education Building | Room 314
Teacher | Larry Anderson
Precepts is open to all ages of men and women. Precepts is an in-depth inductive Bible study which studies Scripture verse-by-verse.  We study, underline, and discuss Scripture looking for the meaning of the text and how it applies to our lives.

Spanish ABF

Time and Location | 10:00am | sala de 318
Maestro | Enrique Galindoe
Para todos las generaciones qué habla a español como su primera lengua.

Home Builders

Time and Location | 10:00am | Fellowship Hall
Teachers | Mitch & Alison Neubert, Paul & Melody Day, Matt & Jessica Quade
Homebuilders is a Christ-centered community of parents, married or single, with young children.  Our conversations and studies focus on growing in our faith, encouraging one another, and building our families based on biblical truths.

God's Nations

Time and Location | 10:00am  | Education Building:  Room 311
Teacher | Ebenezer Adu-Gyamfi
God’s Nations includes people from different cultures across the world studying God's Word and its relevance to different contexts. It welcomes people of all ages and all cultures, including the US. The International Class is a Multicultural Family.

The Journey

Time and Location | 10:00am | The Chapel: The Choir Room
Teachers | Paul & Caryn Williams, Kevin & Kim Dougherty
The Journey is made up of multi-generational couples and singles.This class is a verse-by-verse Bible study with an emphasis on exegesis.  Discussion during the class with a goal to practical application is encouraged. Prayer is emphasized. 

Interested in joining an ABF at 11:20? Find a list of classes with a description below.

ESL Bible Fellowship

Time and Location | 11:20am Education Building: Room 116
Teacher | Rosy Bautista-Ramos
Clases con comunidad bilingüe que comparten un cruce de culturas americana e hispana que busca conectar creyentes que hablan Ingles o Español a travez del estudio y la enseñanza de la palabra de Dios.