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Wellness Center

Wellness Center

Join us for weekly prayer: You can join us each Wednesday from 9:30-10:15am for a time of intentional prayer for the powerful work of God among our neighbors, community ministries, and the new Wellness Center. Join us as we seek His heart and His face for His glory. We meet at the Maple Annex at 3020 Maple Ave.

Practical Ways to Volunteer at the Wellness Center:

The Wellness Center will provide an avenue for hands-on ministry, as our members, utilizing their gifts and skills, come alongside our neighbors, offering help and hope in the name of Christ.

If you are interested in possibly serving at the Wellness Center, we invite you to complete this short online interest formThere will be many opportunities that members may serve. Our Wellness Center Director will be in touch with you after we have received your response. 

Resources available for study in preparation for serving at the Wellness Center:

A Biblical Understanding of Poverty - Online Video Series (email Jamie-Hipp@highlandbc.org for access credentials)

"When Helping Hurts - How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor and Yourself" by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

"When Helping Hurts - the Small Group Experience" video series on Right Now Media


Wellness Center Update as of 8/19/2019

Update on the Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is moving forward! We all desire our church to be a place of light, a church with purposeful Gospel-impact for the 15,000 people who live in the neighborhood around our campus as well as to our own church members. The Wellness Center will be a place of help and hope with a Health Clinic, Development Classes, Teaching Kitchen, Food Pantry, Computer Lab, Mentoring Program, our WiN After-School Program, Prayer Room, Mission Training Space, and Offices for the Go/Grow/Gather and Administrative ministry teams.

We have narrowed the bids for construction on the Wellness Center down to two potential builders. Pray for a great result in this process, and pray for great financial favor! We should have one bid next week and the second bid around the end of the month. A bid will then be chosen and we will move forward.

Things have moved very slowly with the city. We had to deal with some variances for zoning, and have another zoning hurdle that will need to cleared this coming week. This variance has to do with sidewalks and alleys. Again, we ask that you pray for favor.



1. Once we accept a bid and get variance decisions from the city, we will send another email out to the church family and let you know all that has been decided. 

2. We will keep you updated on a ground-breaking day, a scripture writing day (on the foundation of the building) and of course the opening day! 

3.  Builders have told us it will take 9-11 months to build the Wellness Center depending on weather and any obstacles that may present themselves along the way. We are also working on the technology and furnishings for the building along the way also.

Some FAQs we have heard the past 4 months:

1. Why is this such a long process?  We have felt that same weight of the slowness of it all! Fund-raising, architectural designs, a change late last summer (we decided to add a second floor!), planning/zoning variances with the city, the dailiness of a growing/active/ministering church, and re-platting the land took a lot of time, more time than any of us thought. And all of this in a city that is developing so quickly that everyone is running behind schedule!

2. Do we have all the money raised? We have the money in hand for what we were told in preliminary costs. We even added another 8% to that. We will know for sure how our cash in hand compares to the construction bids very soon!

3. What if it costs more than we raised? Tariffs, rising construction costs, the time frame between initial costs and today, as well as unexpected costs could raise the initial estimates. If so, Pastor John will come back to the church and share what the difference is! We will ask God for His people to be generous again and we will move forward!

4. Are we doing this debt free? Yes, the church many years ago wisely made the decision that Highland would be a debt-free church. We will not borrow money for this project!

5. Is there a projected opening date? I think our first hope was August 2019! And we passed that up last week! So we would hope to do a ground breaking in October this year and then have a grand opening late next August. Of course a lot of variables go into this, but this is our prayerful hope!

We did not wait for a building! So much ministry is already ongoing. We have had Entrepreneur Classes to help our neighbors plan for their own small businesses by giving them mentors and processes. We have hosted ESL classes and conversational English classes. We are teaching budgeting skills in a Biblical context, and we have collected so many volunteer specialty groups ready to step in and serve (medical, legal services, fitness, nutrition, job training, and business leaders).   

If you are interested in volunteering at the Wellness Center and have a skill or gift that you want to bring to the table, please feel free to contact Cathy-Sones@highlandbc.org  
This is God’s work. This is God’s heart. This is Highland's mission. We are honored to serve the Lord in both the neighborhood and in the nations.



Clothing donations are no longer accepted at Highland. But, donations can be made to Caritas at 300 South 15th St.

If you need immediate assistance you can contact the following two organizations for assistance.  They both provide a range of services.

Mission Waco


Shepherd's Heart