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ShelbyNext Giving

 *If you presently have recurring online giving with your credit/debit card or bank account (ACH), you will need to enroll in our new giving platform (ShelbyNext) and then un-enroll from our present giving platform (WebView).



A. If you have never given to Highland via text-giving or Lobby kiosk giving:

  • Register: Go to bit.ly/enrollShelbyNext - click the “Sign In” tab at the top then “Register for an Account” at the bottom of page. You will fill in all the needed information. Click “Register.” 
  • Now follow steps 1-4 below  

B. If you have given to Highland via text-giving or Lobby kiosk giving:

  • Sign In: Go to bit.ly/enrollShelbyNext - click “Sign In” tab and click either the email or text button. For text enter your cell phone number, and the verification code you received on your phone into the box. For email, enter your password. 
  • Now follow Steps 1-4 below:  

Steps 1-4:

    1. Choose the fund (General, Missions, Wellness Center) you’d like to give to. Enter the amount and press the “Next” button. 
    2. Check the box “Make this Gift Recurring.” Set the frequency (monthly, bi-weekly, weekly etc…) and the start date. If you want to give to multiple funds click “Add Donation." *Leave the “How Many Gifts” box empty.
    3. Under “I’d Like to Give By,” select credit card or bank account. *Please know that giving via bank account (ACH) is a much lower cost for the church in processing!
    4. Press “Next” and you are set in your generosity! 


  1. Go to bit.ly/unenrollWebView to sign in, and click the “Online Giving” tab.
  2. Press the “start” button.
  3. Click the “edit” button on the current recurring payments, then click “stop payments” button. (If a pop-up appears, click ok). It will take you to a screen that shows “this payment has expired.” If you have just the one recurring payment, logoff of your account (at the top right). You’re done!
  4. If you have multiple recurring accounts, click “Online Giving” tab, and repeat steps #2 and #3 until all of your recurring payments are stopped/expired. Once all accounts are stopped/expired, logoff of your account (at the top right).