Fall 2020 Updates

Highland's leadership has spent a lot of time praying, planning, consulting with city leadership and medical advisors, and preparing for a new semester. We hold these plans loosely knowing that Christ is the Head of the Church and we want to follow Him closely through any changes, valleys, and new directions.

Worship Venues and Seating
- We have added chairs to the Life Center, but they are still in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 chair groupings and physically distanced from one another. We will have an 8:40, 10, and 11:20am Gathering in the Life Center and last names are no longer being used to determine which Gathering you attend.

- Beginning Sunday, Sept. 20, we will have a "Mask Required" simulcast, of the 8:40am gathering in the Chapel. The 10am gathering in the Chapel will have live worship, and the sermon will be streamed into the Chapel. The chairs are in 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 groupings and are physically distanced. There's also room for 100 people in the balcony with physical distancing.

- There are 70 chairs in the Life Center Lobby during the 8:40, 10, and 11:20am Gatherings. Since the Life Center doors will be open and there are new TVs in the Lobby, it should be a good experience for those who do not want to be inside the Life Center or for those with little ones who might need a little more wiggle room! :-) 

Voluntolds and Volunteers
- We are asking some ABFs, CGs, and affinity groups to attend the 8:40 or 10am Chapel Venue on certain days. Your ABF or CG leadership will let you know if that is you! These assignments will place around 100 people in each of the Chapel Venue times. These have been assigned and this will help us so much in creating space for new guests to worship. 

- However, we need another 100 people to attend the 8:40 Chapel Venue and another 100 people to attend the 10am Chapel Venue. That is an easy way to serve the Highland Family.  If you are able to attend the 8:40 Chapel Venue, the 10am Chapel Venue, or the 11:20 Life Center Gathering that would be extremely helpful for these first several weeks.

- The plan, at present, is to have the 8:40am Chapel Venue for three weeks (Aug 23-Sept 6) and to have the 10am Chapel Venue.

Small Groups
- All Preschool ages continue to meet at 8:40, 10, and 11:20am.

- Kids Connection will meet at 8:40 and 10am. Student Connection will meet at 8:40 and 10am. ABFs begin again, and because of varying sizes of groups and varying sizes of classrooms, some small groups will require masks the entire time, and others will ask to wear a mask in and out of the classroom. 

Because of Wellness Center construction, here are a few ways that would sure be helpful in parking and traffic control: 1) If you are able to consolidate and carpool on Sunday mornings with your family or friends. 2) If you are able to park in the far parts of our parking lots and streets and walk. 3) If you are able to park in one of the 82 spaces at Dean Highland Elementary and be shuttled on a golf cart. 

*You might want to know that 30th Street between Pine and Herring will be closed for about 18 months as the old Hillcrest Hospital is torn down. This will impact only one block of 30th Street, but it might impact your normal pattern in coming to Highland.

For all of our Gatherings, we ask that you would, at a minimum, wear a mask into the Gathering and leaving the Gathering. If you want to keep your mask on for the entirety of the time, please feel free to do so. And if you want to take your mask off once you are seated, please feel free to do that also.

Safety and Sanitizing
Our door greeters and welcome team will wear masks for the entire time they are holding open doors and welcoming you to church. Interior doors for the Chapel and Life Center will remain open. We will continue to clean and sanitize each week as well as in between and during all Gatherings. And if you prefer to watch from home, we will stream our Gatherings at 8:40, 10, and 11:20am from You can also watch on Highland Baptist Waco YouTube.

One Another
We are in this together! As a church family, we will have to be so willing and so quick to serve one another, forgive one another, love one another, encourage one another, prefer one another, spur one another on to good works, and be kind to one another.

Let's also pray for one another, to be peace-makers (Matt. 5:9), and to “be diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Eph. 4:3). We are all the Lord’s (Rom. 14:8), and we trust Him for all things. 

Lord, give us all much grace and much wisdom for the facing of these days!

So honored to serve Jesus and His church with each of you,
The Highland Elders, Leadership Team, and Staff