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Capital Campaign

Update on the Wellness Center: A construction bid has been accepted, and the Lord has blessed us with some incredible provisions that you will read about below. We will still need to raise some additional funds to help with the increased costs and the under-estimated construction numbers from 2016.

Two bids came in for the Wellness Center. The first one was $4.6 million from a very reputable construction company in the Metroplex. It was not a huge surprise because of building costs going up, but it was disheartening in some ways also. That was a big jump from the original estimates! But then the second bid arrived from John Houston Homes. John Houston, as you may know, is a Christian builder out of the Metroplex who is developing a lot of subdivisions in and around Waco. They decided to bid the Wellness Center with no profit to them as well as contributing to it themselves. Their bid was $2.9 million! An amazing gift to Highland! The Lord has shown His kindness to us. We will be accepting that bid!!

Perhaps you saw in the Waco Trib two weeks ago that the estimated cost of $5.2 million to refurbish the Suspension Bridge actually came in at $13 million. Construction costs and materials have gone up substantially in the last 48 months in the U.S. as well as Waco. Our construction costs went up as well in the past 48 months, but we are grateful for the opportunity to work with John Houston Homes and their like-minded desire to build a place like the Wellness Center.
Neither of the bids included some needed things like furnishings for the food pantry/health clinic/offices, computers for the computer lab, security features we will need, some technology, kitchen equipment for the training kitchen, and some city required green spaces/permits/sidewalk. So we are going to put $895,000 back on the sign and will raise that while we build! This past week a church member asked if there were still needs for the Wellness Center – he wanted to make a donation to it in memory of his aunt who was a member, a single mom, at Highland for 50 years. He gave $50,000 to the Wellness Center, so actually that number has already been reduced to $845,000! Thank you Lord!

We are getting close and we will do a ground-breaking in the coming weeks when the weather is a little more predictably nice! $845,000 will be placed on the sign and we will begin to move that back down to -0- while we begin building the Wellness Center. Would you prayerfully consider giving to the Wellness Center over and above your gifts to the ministry budget of Highland to finish this project for our neighborhood. You can click HERE and give to the Wellness Center fund.

The Wellness Center will be a place of help and hope with a Health Clinic, Development Classes, Teaching Kitchen, Food Pantry, Computer Lab, Mentoring Program, our WiN After-School Program, Prayer Room, Mission Training Space, and Offices for the Go/Grow/Gather and Administrative ministry teams.

This is God’s work. This is God’s heart. So this is also Highland's mission. Highland is so honored to serve the Lord in both the neighborhood and in the nations.


Please look at the links below to see the specifics of this vision, how you can be connected to it and what’s next for Highland. We encourage you to open 'The Possible' Campaign Vision below, print out the Commitment Card and return it any Sunday to the Information Desk or offering box, and to pray about your role in this next chapter of Highland. For any questions, please email John-Durham@highlandbc.org.  

Click below to see:

The Possible Campaign Vision

Wellness Center Renderings and Blueprint

Letter from Elders on The Possible Campaign


In order to give to the Campaign digitally, please click the 'Give Now' button on the right side of the page. This link will take you directly to our online giving site. If you have never given online to Highland before, fill out your information to create an account. Otherwise, simply select 'Wellness Center' under the heading 'purposes' to choose the amount you would like to give.

You may also choose to download 'The Possible' Commitment Card via the button below. Download the Commitment Card, print, fill out and return to Highland.