Production Crew Volunteer: Video

About the Opportunity:

Interested in serving on the Production Crew at Highland? We have a place for you!

There are two positions needed in video: Camera Operator and Video Switcher

Camera Operator
This position is behind a camera down on the floor of the Life Center. This position is very important because we use IMAG (Image Magnification) for our services where we display the pastor or worship leader on the main screens to help the congregation see them better.

Video Switcher
This position is up in the booth and switches between live inputs for the screens seen by the congregation and for our live stream being sent to the web.


Camera Operator:
Keen focus and the ability to stand for a few hours.

Video Switcher:
Service in a camera operator position for at least one semester. This aids the switcher when having to direct the camera operators.

Job Location:

Life Center

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