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WiN Champions

Children at WiN after school program come from a variety of backgrounds, but all of them would benefit from having a Champion. In fact, it is our desire that each of our WiN kids have a group of Champions.  A Champion is someone who will come alongside the student and cheer them on.  WiN Champions, typicially, will be a group of people [for example an ABF or CG] who will pray for and provide essential school supplies to help this child suceeed in school as well as provide for daily expenses at WiN. 

  • 2 new school uniforms (including shoes)
  • A new backpack filled with school supplies
  • Expense at WiN such as daily snack, supplies, etc.
  • Field trip
  • And the most essential thing...PRAYER!

We are still in need of 11 Champions. Please contact Audrey-Wauson@highlandbc.org to get started today!


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