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Wellness Center

Wellness Center

Join us for weekly prayer: You can join us each Wednesday from 10-11am for a time of intentional prayer for the powerful work of God among our neighbors, community ministries, and the new Wellness Center. Join us as we seek His heart and His face for His glory. We meet at the Maple Annex at 3020 Maple Ave.

Practical Ways to Volunteer at the Wellness Center:

The Wellness Center will provide an avenue for hands-on ministry, as our members, utilizing their gifts and skills, come alongside our neighbors, offering help and hope in the name of Christ.

If you are interested in possibly serving at the Wellness Center, we invite you to complete this short online interest formThere will be many opportunities that members may serve. Our Wellness Center Director will be in touch with you after we have received your response. 

Resources available for study in preparation for serving at the Wellness Center:

Missions Conference - Feb. 16 & 17, A Biblical Understanding of Poverty

"When Helping Hurts - How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor and Yourself" by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

"When Helping Hurts - the Small Group Experience" video series on Right Now Media


Wellness Center Update as of 2/6/2018

Where are we on the Wellness Center?  

The Wellness Center is moving forward! All of us at Highland desire our church to be a place of light, and a church with purposeful Gospel-impact and encouragement for the 15,000 people who live in the neighborhoods around our campus. The Wellness Center will help us be that caring and hopeful place with a Health Clinic, a Food Pantry, Development Classes, a Mentoring Program, and our WiN After-School Program, as well as space for a Mission Training Center and offices for both the local and international missions of Highland. To share in our excitement, we want to update you on the Wellness Center progress as we press forward with all that God has for us!
After consulting with the city of Waco, a Highland lawyer, and the Leadership Team we believe the best place to build the new Wellness Center will be located just across 30th street from the Life Center. The footprint of the now razed College House can be seen today. To have the Wellness Center directly across the street from the main entrance of the Life Center will be ideal for safety, proximity, and usage. The Wellness Center will be used consistently on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights as a space for ABFs, Equipping Classes, and meetings . It also will be easily accessible to the community every day during the week as a place of love, healing, training, equipping, and wellness. In choosing this location, we will lose some parking but will be able to retain much more parking by not building on top of the two lots on Lasker, which has parking spaces for 60 cars each Sunday.
We are in the last stages of a push for capital campaign and will begin preparing the foundation and cornerstone for the Wellness Center. We are committed to not borrow any money for this building; it will be paid for entirely by cash on hand.
We are well on our way to the goal of $2.1 million for The Possible Campaign. We are grateful that so many of you have given and/or pledged toward this incredible project. At present only $133,500 remains to be raised. If you have not pledged or have not given, please click HERE to give or to register your pledge. In the Life Center lobby you can view new renderings of the Wellness Center, some floor plans and a better picture for all of us to see! We are prayerful and hopeful that as the Wellness Center becomes more than just a vision that the church family will push that 86% over the goal line to 100% plus!
This is God’s work. This is God’s heart. This is Highland's mission. We are so honored to serve the Lord with you in Waco and in the world.



For more information about the Wellness Center please contact Cathy Sones


Clothing donations are no longer accepted at Highland. But, donations can be made to Caritas at 300 South 15th St.

If you need immediate assistance you can contact the following two organizations for assistance.  They both provide a range of services.

Mission Waco


Shepherd's Heart


This is What is Happening at Highland - https://t.co/8J8jcpXAcK