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Short Term Trips

Our desire is to see lives and hearts transformed by the Gospel. We will provide a variety of opportunities and avenues to serve the Lord to the ends of the earth.  

North Africa
There are hundreds of unreached people groups across North Africa encompassing tens of millions of people. We have established an ongoing opportunity to minister in an unspecified country. Highland took its inaugural trip in 2017 and is looking forward to following up with two trips in 2018.  
*Trip Closed


We have established an exciting new partnership with missionaries in order to engage the lost and proclaim the Gospel among the unreached. Over 97% of the people on the island do not proclaim Jesus as Lord and 61% follow ethnic religions. This team will labor to push back the darkness for the Kingdom.  
*Trip Closed

Highland is coming alongside missionaries to reach the ever growing refugee community in Amsterdam. Some of these refugees receive official approval to enter the country while others arrive by any means possible. There is an openness to hear the Gospel. This will be a very straightforward relationship building, Gospel sharing opportunity. 
*Trip Closed

Sports Outreach Teams
A ministry that teaches basketball skills with a message of Hope. Trips are taken both nationally and internationally. The ministry believes that through energetic, encouraging coaching and personal interaction with a coach, the Gospel will change lives. 
India (*Trip Closed)

Ghana (*Trip Closed)

Guatemala (*Trip Closed)

Ukraine (*Trip Closed)
Uganda (*Trip Closed)

Haiti/Dominican Republic (*Trip Closed)

Hawaii (*Trip Closed)

Spain (*Trip Closed)

Hungary (*Trip Closed)

Gathering, Growing, Going - https://t.co/4Ot43JerkZ